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QuestKeys is driven by Hypertransfer Engine Technology (TM).

A QuestKey is a word, number, symbol, or phrase that links directly to a URL when entered into the QuestKeys hypertransfer engine. In essence, each questkey is a hypertext link. When entered into the QuestKeys hypertransfer engine the questkey transfers users to the associated hypertext link. If users do not have their own site, they can also create web pages through Questkeys.com and link directly to those pages.

QuestKeys are accessed through QuestKeys.com or through the Questkey toolbar. This website is the center for QuestKeys hypertransfer technology.

QuestKeys are free.


Goto QuestKeys.com and setup an account. Once logged in, users are able to create their own QuestKeys by entering a QuestKey name, a URL link, and a brief description of the website.

Users can choose from numerous categories including:
  • Web
  • Images
  • News
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Literature
Each QuestKey is unique within a given category. When a user submits a QuestKey at Questkeys.com, by default he/she will be automatically directed to the QuestKey link for the Web category. To link to a QuestKey for a different category, the user can click on that category and enter the QuestKey.

When a User submits a QuestKey within a single category, the user will be redirected to the URL attached to that QuestKey. If there is no URL attached to that QuestKey, the user will be informed that the QuestKey is not in use and that he/she has the option to create that QuestKey for his/her chosen URL.